The all-round and flexible digital learning platform for future-oriented education and training

A teacher/trainer has complete control over the learning resources:

Easy to customize

Create a lesson/project in the media library with texts, files, assignments and evaluations (for example tests)
Simply customize the learning resources: with all types of learning resources a teacher can always access the "edit" button
If it is not the teacher’s learning resource but the teacher is allowed to modify it, a copy will be made automatically so that a teacher can change it.

There are several ways to communicate:

Communicating with each other

Via the message module: send messages to co-learners, a teacher or to a group
Discussing learning resources: participate in a discussion/conversation about a video
Based on activities and results: provide feedback on submitted activities from a student

Communicating with each other

Communicating with each other

Working with the online platform is simple and intuitive. The dashboard gives an overview of the different tools a teacher wants to use. Also, a student could work on lessons/projects via a smartphone.

Attractive dashboard on several devices

Language training institutes

Digital platform

About Bloomwise

We believe that ICT in education and training really can make a difference. It should however be much more flexible than it currently is. Bloomwise offers educational developers many opportunities to create learning resources, courses and other variants of curricula. Educators can use learning materials from the media library, and also adapt them by removing, adding, or rearranging components. This makes Bloomwise a unique product that thousands of students already benefit from.

We provide user-friendly and flexible ICT solutions for future-oriented education and training.

Vision Bloomwise:
ICT should support education and meet the following conditions:

ICT helps to plan (personal) goals and provide insights into progress.

ICT gives a teacher more and new opportunities to adapt the curriculum and its learning materials flexibly and appropriately, based on the needs of the group or individual. All activity types of the Bloom taxonomy are supported digitally, from root to project learning.
Based on the educational vision of a teacher or institute, it should be possible to determine which devices or materials could be used, from a digital board to a laptop or smartphone. But also a print hand-out must be easily generated. The mix between digital and “physical” (the blend) should also be flexible.

The latest innovative learning tools should be available such as serious games, options for gamification, adaptive learning modules, learning analytics and tools for flipping the classroom.

ICT should make it easy to evaluate learning outcomes related to curriculum goals. In addition to (adaptive) tests, instruments such as observations, peer and self-evaluations can be used and linked to a portfolio.

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